19-20 December 2018
Centre for Particle Theory, Durham
Europe/London timezone

Coincident M5-branes and dual singular geometries

19 Dec 2018, 15:05
CM107 (Department of Mathematical Sciences)


Department of Mathematical Sciences


Callum Brodie (University of Oxford)


Through a web of string dualities, M5-brane configurations in M-theory can be mapped to geometrical features. In particular, I will discuss this map via heterotic/F-theory duality, using a Horava-Witten description of heterotic $\mathrm{E}_8 \times \mathrm{E}_8$ string theory as the connection to M-theory. Intersecting or coincident M5-branes are mapped to singular base geometries in F-theory, which also correspond to singular geometries in Type IIB string theory. I will explain these dualities, and if I have time I will discuss geometrical transitions corresponding to deforming M5-brane configurations and point out some cute connections with toric geometry.

Primary author

Callum Brodie (University of Oxford)

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