The local dark matter distribution

IPPP, Durham University

IPPP, Durham University

Nassim Bozorgnia (IPPP) , David G. Cerdeño (IPPP, Durham University) , Christopher McCabe (King's College London)

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together key people from the dark matter phenomenology, astrophysics, simulations and experimental communities to review recent progress on the determination of the local dark matter distribution, discuss open problems and chart a way forward. 

To facilitate the interaction between participants we plan to have a limited number of talks followed by in depth discussion.

We will focus on a small number of areas/projects including:

  • Local dark matter velocity distribution
  • Local dark matter density
  • Galactic escape speed
  • Milky Way mass profile
  • Stellar and dark matter substructures from Gaia and simulations
  • Direct detection phenomenology

Confirmed Speakers:

Thomas Callingham
Marius Cautun
Alis Deason
Wyn Evans
Azadeh Fattahi
Fabio Iocco
Alex Murphy
Chris McCabe
Nassim Bozorgnia


**** IMPORTANT ****

The meeting will take place in two different locations (due to space limitations), please check the timetable and the following map to find the right room!


  • 10 am - 12:30 pm: Van Mildert College, Ustinov room 
  • 2:15 pm - 6 pm: IPPP, OC218 
Registration to "The local DM distribution"
  • Alexander Murphy
  • Alis Deason
  • Andrew Cheek
  • Anna Genina
  • Anne Green
  • Anthony Brown
  • Azi Fattahi
  • Carlos Frenk
  • Christopher McCabe
  • David G. Cerdeño
  • Dorian Praia do Amaral
  • Ellen Sirks
  • Elliott Reid
  • fabio iocco
  • Julio Navarro
  • Kyle Oman
  • Leonardo Badurina
  • Louis Hamaide
  • Marius Cautun
  • Nassim Bozorgnia
  • Richard Massey
  • Robert Poole-Mckenzie
  • Thomas Callingham
  • Wendy Gray
  • Wyn Evans