9-11 November 2020
Europe/London timezone

The UK HEP Forum 2020 will take place on 9-11 November 2020. This year is is a virtual event. 

The focus will be on quantum technology in the UK and the surrounding experimental and theoretical landscape. Fields benefitting from this technology such as ultra-light dark matter, dark energy and gravitational wave detection will be covered, and presentations are foreseen from new experiments funded in the Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics programme.

One session will be dedicated to the search for long-lived particles at the LHC, and a discussion of the European Strategy for Particle Physics Update is planned.

The forum also features a session of short talks giving UK PhD students the opportunity to present their work (replacing the usual poster session). If you are interested in presenting such a talk please complete the registration page and then send an e-mail to ukhepforum@stfc.ac.uk with the title. We are offering a £50 book token as a prize for the best student presentation.

The forum is sponsored by the IPPP and STFC. 

Registration for this event is currently open.