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The recent update to the European Strategy for Particle Physics  recommended

  • R&D on the production of bright muon beams as a means to explore the energy and intensity frontiers
  • A programme of experimentation is developed to determine neutrino cross-sections with the precision required to maximise the reach of the future neutrino-frontier exploration programme.

The European Laboratories Director’s Group has initiated the international Muon Collider collaboration to spearhead the development of the necessary R&D programme. The collaboration has identified nuSTORM, the “Neutrinos from Stored Muons” facility, which is capable of delivering cross-section measurements of the requisite precision, as a possible R&D test-bed and technology demonstrator.

In a recent submission to the Particle Physics Advisory Panel of the STFC, the UK members of the international Muon Collider collaboration expressed its interest in joining the international effort and proposed measurements of neutrino cross-sections at nuSTORM as a stepping stone to construction of a muon collider.

Therefore, the IPPP invites you to a topical workshop on the physics opportunities that are presented by high-brightness stored muon beams. The meeting will be held online during the afternoon and early evening of the 10th and 11th February 2021.

The goals of the workshop will be to:

  •  Review and evaluate the physics case for the muon collider, nuSTORM, and other potential applications of high-brightness muon beams
  •  Consider the opportunities for a UK collaboration to establish a leading role in the emerging international effort.

The desired output of the workshop is a short document in which the status of the field is briefly reviewed and the opportunities for the UK to establish positions of leadership in the emerging international collaboration is outlined.

Registration for this event is currently open.