The Planck conference series covers a broad spectrum of physics beyond the Standard Model and of the interface between particle physics and cosmology with an emphasis on the theoretical aspects related to the present experimental programmes.

The conference this year is the twenty-third in a series of meetings on Physics beyond the Standard Model, organized jointly by several European research groups.

The meeting this year in 2021 has a different format for obvious reasons, and will be held online by the IPPP. As well as a slimmed down set of plenary talks we will be providing opportunities for remote interaction using so that we can all get a chance to meet new colleagues and old friends as usual. We look forward to welcoming you even if only virtually!

Confirmed speakers

Prateek Agrawal

Lara Anderson

Daniel Baumann

Monika Blanke

Ilaria Brivio

Danny van Dyk

Marco Drewes

Miguel Escudero

Malcolm  Fairbairn

Roberto Franceschini           

Isabel Garcia Garcia

Yonit Hochberg

Joachim Kopp

Thomas Kuhr

Rebecca Leane

Michelangelo Mangano

Mitesh Patel

Marianna Safronova

Adam Schreckenberger

Ofri Telem

Irene Valenzuela




Local Organizers

Steven Abel

Djuna Croon           

Rick Gupta


Lucien Heurtier

Rachel Houtz

Michael Spannowsky