ATLAS-UK Top Physics Meeting

Nuffield Building Room G7 (Seminar Room 3), University of Birmingham

Nuffield Building Room G7 (Seminar Room 3), University of Birmingham

Juergen Thomas (Birmingham University) , Lucio Cerrito (Queen Mary, University of London)
Meeting of ATLAS-UK people working on top quark physics studies. Note all times are UK times. An EVO [] meeting is booked for 13.30-17.30 called "ATLAS-UK Top WG", there is no password. In the default community: "Universe". EVO can be accessed using a PC or using a phone via CERN: +41 22 76 71400. The phone bridge ID is 387569. As a fallback, a CERN Phone Conference is booked under the usual +41 22 76 77000, for "ATLAS UK-Top Working Group" by Lucio Cerrito and Juergen Thomas. But please try EVO.
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    • 1
      Introduction and Report from the Top 2008 Workshop
      Speaker: Lucio Cerrito (QMUL)
    • 2
      Top Mass using Soft Muon Tagged Events
      Speaker: James Poll (QMUL)
    • 3
      RHUL analyses and plans
      Speaker: Veronique Boisvert (RHUL)
    • 4
      Top samples validation
      Speaker: Joe Foster (Manchester)
    • 3:00 PM
      tea and coffee
    • 5
      Truth-matching in semileptonic tt+jets
      Speaker: K Wraight (Glasgow)
    • 6
      Trigger Items in FDR-1
      Speaker: Juergen Thomas (Birmingham)
    • 7
      Top as Tool: ttbar + Higgs search
      Speaker: Chris Collins-Tooth (Glasgow)
    • 8
      Top as Tool: W+bjets for WH
      Speaker: John Morris (QMUL)
    • 9
      Experiences with analysis tools and readiness plans
      Speaker: All