ATLAS-UK Top Physics Meeting

Nuffield Building Room G7 (Seminar Room 3), University of Birmingham

Nuffield Building Room G7 (Seminar Room 3), University of Birmingham

Juergen Thomas (Birmingham University), Lucio Cerrito (Queen Mary, University of London)
Meeting of ATLAS-UK people working on top quark physics studies. Note all times are UK times. An EVO [] meeting is booked for 13.30-17.30 called "ATLAS-UK Top WG", there is no password. In the default community: "Universe". EVO can be accessed using a PC or using a phone via CERN: +41 22 76 71400. The phone bridge ID is 387569. As a fallback, a CERN Phone Conference is booked under the usual +41 22 76 77000, for "ATLAS UK-Top Working Group" by Lucio Cerrito and Juergen Thomas. But please try EVO.
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    • 1
      Introduction and Report from the Top 2008 Workshop
      Speaker: Lucio Cerrito (QMUL)
    • 2
      Top Mass using Soft Muon Tagged Events
      Speaker: James Poll (QMUL)
    • 3
      RHUL analyses and plans
      Speaker: Veronique Boisvert (RHUL)
    • 4
      Top samples validation
      Speaker: Joe Foster (Manchester)
    • 3:00 PM
      tea and coffee
    • 5
      Truth-matching in semileptonic tt+jets
      Speaker: K Wraight (Glasgow)
    • 6
      Trigger Items in FDR-1
      Speaker: Juergen Thomas (Birmingham)
    • 7
      Top as Tool: ttbar + Higgs search
      Speaker: Chris Collins-Tooth (Glasgow)
    • 8
      Top as Tool: W+bjets for WH
      Speaker: John Morris (QMUL)
    • 9
      Experiences with analysis tools and readiness plans
      Speaker: All