Neutrino and non-accelerator-based physics

PPAP community review of particle physics science programme - Birmingham University Physics Department: July 13,14,15 2009. The meeting will be held in Physics West 1st Floor, Lecture Theatre 117 with buffet lunch in Physics West 125. The emphasis of this meeting will be on open discussion and time has been allocated after each of the topics to allow for this. In addition, there is a longer discussion session at the end of the meeting. Programme committee: Mark Thomson (Cambridge) - Chair Phil Burrows (Oxford) - Deputy Paul Harrison (Warwick) Ed Hinds (IC) Ken Long (IC) Simon Peeters (Sussex) Ruben Saakyan (UCL) Silvia Pascoli (IPPP) Subir Sarkar (Oxford) Neil Spooner (Sheffield) Christos Touramanis (Liverpool) A set of questions for discussion at and before this meeting has been posted on the PPAP blog. Please visit the blog and comment on the questions.

Phone Conference

A standard CERN automated phone conference has been booked from 10:30 UK to 18:30 UK each day. Phone conference access (via CERN): +41 22 76 76000 Access code for 'Participants' on day 3, 15th July: 0116196# (note: 'Press pound' in the announcement is the '#' button on a UK or European phone) The EVO meeting sessions will be provided on a best-effort basis, as with the telephone conference setup. The EVO booking allows some time either side of the timetabled sessions. Contributions by EVO users from their laptops/desktops should be OK as long as they use headsets or echo-cancelling setups. External contributions to the discussion will in any case no doubt be controlled by, and be at the discretion of, the session chair. Title: PPAP conference Birmingham Description: Community Review of Particle Physics Programme Community: Universe Password: ppap Meeting Access Information: - Meeting URL - Password: ppap