Higgs-Maxwell Particle Physics Workshop

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Royal Society of Edinburgh

22-26 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ
Keith+1 Ellis (IPPP)
A one-day meeting to review the current status of particle and astro-particle physics and the prospects for future discoveries. The meeting is organised by the Universities of Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lancaster.
    • 10:30 10:45
      Registration & Coffee 15m
    • 11:00 11:05
      Welcome 5m
    • 11:05 11:50
      The theoretical need for future facilities 45m
      Speaker: Dr Ben Gripaios (Cambridge)
    • 12:00 12:45
      FCC(ee) 45m
      Speaker: Dr Patrizia Azzi (INFN Padova and CERN)
    • 12:45 14:00
      Lunch 1h 15m
    • 14:00 14:30
      QCD at High energy 30m
      Speaker: Dr Jeppe Andersen (IPPP)
    • 14:30 15:00
      Physics prospects at HL-LHC 30m
      Speaker: Dr Victoria Martin (University of Edinburgh)
    • 15:00 15:30
      Future Linear Colliders 30m
      Speaker: Dr Aidan Robson (University of Glasgow)
    • 15:30 16:00
      Coffee/tea 30m
    • 16:00 16:45
      Muon Collider: Physics and Accelerator technology 45m
      Speaker: Dr Mark Palmer (Fermilab)
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