May 25 – 29, 2020
Europe/London timezone



A breakout area has been set up for the participants who want to discuss the talk or just catch up. It will open after each talk for roughly 1 hour. Use this link to connect to the room. For the password combine reco and 2020.

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RECONNECT is the first 'Remote Conference on New Concepts in Particle Theory'.

The aim of this conference is to reconnect the high-energy physics community in times when personal collaborative ties have been cut due to recent global events. With this first edition we aim to provide a forum in which the whole theoretical community can share the latest ideas that drive our field. Topics will include gravity and string theory, physics of the early Universe, the geometry of scattering amplitudes, physics beyond the Standard Model and precision collider phenomenology.

While we cannot re-create the equivalent of a regular workshop or conference, a remote meeting offers some interesting benefits since it doesn't depend on the usual restrictions due to limited budgets, political travel restrictions or personal commitments.

The IPPP will host the meeting using the zoom webinar system which can host up to 3000 participants at a time. The schedule will be designed to account for the different time zones of the speakers and will follow a flexible format with around 3 or 4 presentations per day. The schedule can be included in your calendar by importing the diary here.

To attend the talks, please follow the instructions under 'Instructions for Connecting and Participating'. A zoom link to enter the webinar room is provided for each talk in the timetable and contribution list. There is also a clickable link at the top of this page to enter the ongoing talk.

Confirmed speakers for RECONNECT 2020: