May 25 – 29, 2020
Europe/London timezone

Instructions for Connecting and Participating

Zoom Installation


Instructions for Attending Webinar Talks

Each talk is separate webinar and has its own link. The webinars links are available in timetable by clicking on the talk to display the detailed information and they are also distributed in the calendar. 

If you have a question for the speaker, please use the Q&A functionality.

  • Desktop: Click on the Q&A button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Mobile: Tap on the screen to bring up a menu at the top or bottom.  Tap on “Q&A”, then "ask question".

The session chair will ask the speaker a selection of questions at the end at their discretion.​​​​​


Instructions for Plenary Speakers

You have received an email with the link to connect to the webinar as a speaker. Use this link to connect. There is a warmup phase where we can set up the screen sharing before starting to broadcast. Please connect 15 minutes in advance of your talk.  

  •  Sharing Talk: Open your talk in an appropriate presentation app (e.g. Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF viewer, …).  Join the Zoom meeting in which you are speaking (or the test room).  
    • Desktop: Click on “Share” .  In the list of windows, locate your talk window.  Click on it. Enter Fullscreen or Presentation mode.
    • Mobile: Tap on “Share” or "Share Content".  If the app you are using for your presentation appears, you can tap on it.  Otherwise, tap on “Screen” and navigate to your presentation app. Enter Fullscreen or Presentation mode. 

If you have any general connecting, please email