Jul 12 – 15, 2015
IPPP, Durham University
Europe/London timezone
With the discovery of a SM-like scalar boson at the LHC and no further clear-cut observation of new phenomena at the electroweak scale the quest for a natural description of the microcosm becomes even more pressing. Shaping new theoretical frameworks which UV-complete the SM or benchmark BSM models fascinates physicists across the various communities including those of model building, particle phenomenology, quantum gravity, cosmology and formal theory. Recent advances have taken place in several directions, for example in the area of scale invariance including models of interacting UV fixed points with or without quantized gravity, models with other modifications of the short-distance behaviour, portals and simplified models providing frameworks for phenomenological tests connecting field-theoretical ideas with particle physics experiment, and so forth. This informal 3-day workshop aims to bring together practitioners/thinkers actively working in these areas to pool and exchange ideas concerning UV physics, and to explore future avenues and experimental opportunities.
IPPP, Durham University
OC 218
IPPP, Durham University
Accommodation will be in Van Mildert College