12-15 July 2015
IPPP, Durham University
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Programme


Higgs stability
Higgs stability /UV phenomenology insights
UV fixed points from BSM to gravity
Scale invariant phenomenology
UV aspects in cosmology/quantum gravity
Conformal phenomenology without / with gravity and naturalness
UV conformality and its phenomenological implications
Applications of the a theorem
Applications of AdS/CFT for novel RG flows
Unitarity problems in the UV? Scale invariance and the link to dark matter


The workshop is quite informal and open ended. Generally the sessions are aimed towards something that a subset of us felt we wanted to learn about and explore in discussion. In each themed slot a large portion is given over to extensive open ended debate. Suggested format for the slots:

1 speaker slot: 55' (talk) + 5 (questions) + 30 (wider discussion guided by chairperson)

2 speaker slot: 30'+5, 30'+5, +20 (wider discussion guided by chairperson)