ANUBIS project meeting



Martin Bauer (IPPP Durham), Oleg Brandt (Cambridge)

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    • 08:00 09:35
      Talks: Invited talks
      • 08:00
        Welcome & introduction 5m
      • 08:05
        Background estimation in CODEX-b 15m
        Speakers: Dean Robinson, Simon Knapen
      • 08:35
        ANUBIS sensitivity to RPV SUSY and the simulation set-up 15m

        R-parity Violation and Light Neutralinos at ANUBIS and MAPP (

        Speaker: Julian Günther (Universität Bonn)
      • 09:05
        ANUBIS sensitivity to HNLs and the EFT framework 15m

        Long-lived Sterile Neutrinos at the LHC in Effective Field Theory (
        Heavy neutral leptons at ANUBIS (

        Speaker: Guanghui Zhou (Umass, Amherst)
    • 09:35 10:05
      Coffee break 30m