Sep 14 – 18, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Zoom Instructions

The conference will be held on Zoom, through a standard meeting rather than a Webinar.  There is a single link for all plenary sessions:

Registered participants will receive the passcode by email.   Information about the Wednesday poster session will appear soon, in a separate menu item.

We ask that participants, speakers and session chairs make note of the following:


  • Please set your Zoom profile to display your first and last name.
  • You will automatically be muted when you join the meeting.  Only unmute yourself if the session chair calls on you to ask a question.
  • Questions will be taken at the end of the talks (not during). To ask a question, use the "raise hand" feature on Zoom, and wait to be called on by the chairperson.  
  • Alternatively, you can ask a question through the chat feature (address the question to everybody rather than just the speaker or the chair), but verbal questions will be given priority.  


Before the talk:

  • Standard talks are 25'+5'.  YSF talks are 7'+3'.
  • Email your slides to at least an hour before your session begins, and the organisers will upload them to the conference webpage.
  • Even if you are a regular Zoom user, we need to check that your Zoom set-up functions properly.  To help us do this, please join the meeting 20 minutes before the daily session  begins (even if you speak in the second session, after the coffee break); along with a technical host we will then check that your screen sharing, video and audio works.  If your time zone does not permit you to join early, we can try to do the check during the coffee break, but this option is inconvenient so please use it only if you must.   

During the talk: 

  • The chair will ask for you to unmute yourself and share your screen in fullscreen mode right before your talk begins, and moderate questions at the end.  Make sure to disable alert tones (from incoming mail, etc) on your computer. 
  • The chair will give you chat alerts with 5 minutes and then with 1 minute remaining in your talk (only at 1 minute for YSF talks).  These may be hard to pick up on, so you will also receive verbal alerts at  5 minutes and 1 minute remaining,  if it seems that you are in danger of running over time. 
  • If your screen sharing is broken but your audio still works, the chair will display your slides.  If the chair has Zoom issues, one of the co-hosts of the meeting will take over. 

After the talk:

  • After the chair thanks you, be sure to stop sharing your screen and mute yourself. 

 Session Chairs

  • Join the session 10 minutes early. We will add you as a co-host and alert you of any technical issues with the speakers.
  • Introduce speakers after asking them to share their screen and unmute themselves.
  • Do not allow questions until the speaker has finished.  Give priority to those with a raised hand on Zoom, then move to chat questions if there is time. 
  • Give the speaker chat alerts at 5 minutes and 1 minute remaining.  Give verbal warnings with 5 minutes and 1 minute left, if it seems that they may go over (use your discretion).
  • If your connection drops, one of the co-hosts will take over.  Try to rejoin the session and take over the chair role between speakers. If your connection drops again, let the co-host finish the session.