IRN Terascale

OC218 (IPPP building 2nd floor) (IPPP Durham)

OC218 (IPPP building 2nd floor)

IPPP Durham


We look forward to welcoming you in Durham IPPP from September 4th to the 7th for a general meeting of the IRN Terascale. Your contribution to the program is welcome.The meeting starts on the morning of the 4th, in OC218 of the IPPP building. Accommodation will be available from the arrival evening of 3rd September in Collingwood College. ARRIVAL: when you arrive please just make your way to Collingwood College whatever the time. There is a porter there 24/7. 

 The conference dinner will take place in Durham Castle on the evening of Tuesday the 4th. The meeting will end on Friday 7th at lunchtime. This slightly longer than usual format for the IRN meeting will include plenty of time for interaction and discussion. We also plan to schedule parallel session talks. 

Please contact the coordinators of the corresponding session if you would like to give a talk:

Higgs: Nicolas Morange, Christophe Ochando, Pietro Slavich

BSM: Eric Chabert , Marie-Helene Genest, Stephane Lavignac, Ana Teixeira

Dark Universe: Emmanuel Moulin, Marco Cirelli

Tools: Samuel Calvet, Eric Conte, Benjamin Fuks and Jennifer Thompson

You can find their e-mail addresses on the Web-page of the GDR Terascale .

SKYPE: If you wish to join the sessions by Skype please add durham.ippp to your list of addresses

The IPPP will offer all meals on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, buffet lunch on Friday. Dinner on Tuesday will be a banquet in the Castle. There will be an excursion on Wednesday afternoon to Hadrian's Wall (There will be a bus at 1.30pm from outside your accommodation at Collingwood College). [ If you would like to do some background reading see ]

For participants associated to CNRS labs the fees will be payed directly by the IRN. Please:
- tick the relevant box during registration
- talk to the management committee member of your lab to be included in the reimbursement list for the fees to be covered by the IRN fund (list see
- do not send the credit card form!

  • Björn Herrmann
  • Christopher McCabe
  • Clement Leloup
  • Corentin Allaire
  • Debtosh Chowdhury
  • Dilia Portillo
  • Dirk Zerwas
  • Ed Hardy
  • Emilian Dudas
  • Eric CONTE
  • Genevieve Belanger
  • Gilbert Moultaka
  • Gurpreet Chahal Singh
  • Herve Partouche
  • Jonas Lindert
  • Jordan BERNIGAUD
  • Kallia Petraki
  • Karim Benakli
  • Karl Nordstrom
  • Ken Mimasu
  • Louis D'Eramo
  • Marc Besancon
  • Marco CIRELLI
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Mathieu Boudaud
  • Michael Spannowsky
  • Quentin Bonnefoy
  • Rhea Moutafis
  • Richard Ruiz
  • Rick Gupta
  • Romain Kukla
  • Ruben Oncala Mesa
  • Sanjay Bloor
  • Sebastian Paßehr
  • Seth Moortgat
  • Shankha Banerjee
  • Sophie Williamson
  • Steve Muanza
  • Steven Abel
  • Suzanne GASCON
  • Ulrich Goerlach
  • Vincent Poireau
  • Yifan Chen
Conference secretariat