Annual Theory Meeting

Applebey Lecture Theatre

Applebey Lecture Theatre

Durham University Science Site
Michael Spannowsky (IPPP, Durham University)

PosterThe Annual Theory Christmas Meeting will again be held in Durham, 14-16th December, hosted and organised by the Centre for Particle Theory, UKLFT, FPUK and the IPPP. Following tradition, we use the format of three days of talks from world-class speakers reviewing the latest developments in the key areas of our subject. 

Organisation Committee:
Francesca Chadha-Day (IPPP)
Inaki Garcia Etxebarria (Durham)
Simon Hands (Liverpool)
Neil Lambert (KCL)
Arthur Lipstein (Durham)
Simon Ross (Durham)
Michael Spannowsky (IPPP)
Jessica Turner (IPPP)


All sessions can be attended remotely via zoom. We will provide a zoom link here in due time.