Joint IPPP-Imperial College workshop

Imperial College

Imperial College

Blackett Laboratory, LONDON SW7 2AZ Room 539
    • 10:45 11:45
      Neutrino Oscillations

      Organized by Silvia Pascoli(IPPP) and Yoshi Uchida(Imperial)

      • 10:45
        Theoretical Overview 25m
        Speaker: Silvia Pascoli
      • 11:10
        T2K at Imperial College 15m
        Speaker: Matthew Malek
        NB: Many slides borrowed from Dave Wark
      • 11:25
        Neutrino Factory at Imperial College 20m
        Speaker: Marco Apollonio and Morteza Aslaninejad
    • 11:45 12:15
      break 30m
    • 12:15 13:15
      Neutrino and Charged Lepton Physics

      Organized by Silvia Pascoli(IPPP) and Yoshi Uchida/Ulrik Egede(Imperial)

      • 12:15
        Non accelerator lepton physics: a theoretical perspective on neutrinoless double beta decay and lepton flavour violation 30m
      • 12:45
        Super-NEMO Experimental Status 15m
        Speaker: Yuri Shitov
      • 13:00
        Muon to Electron Conversion 15m
        Speaker: Yoshi Uchida
    • 13:15 14:15
      lunch 1h
    • 14:15 15:00
      Rare B Decays

      Organized by Aoife Bharucha (IPPP) and Ulrik Egede (Imperial)

      • 14:15
        B to K* mu+mu-: SM and Beyond 20m
        Speaker: Aoife Bharucha
      • 14:35
        B -> D K pi Dalitz analysis for extraction of CP angle gamma 20m
        Speaker: Mike Williams
    • 15:00 15:45
      Dark Matter Searches at the LHC - Part I

      Organized by Georg Weiglein(IPPP) and Oliver Buchmueller/Alex Tapper(Imperial)

      • 15:00
        Overview of leptonic SUSY search activities at Imperial 15m
        Speaker: Michele Pioppi
      • 15:15
        Overview of hadronic SUSY search activities at Imperial 15m
        Speaker: Markus Stoye
      • 15:30
        New kinematic observable to control fake missing energy 15m
        Speaker: Tom Whyntie
    • 15:45 16:15
      break 30m
    • 16:15 17:05
      Dark Matter Searches at the LHC - Part II

      Organized by Georg Weiglein (IPPP) and Oliver Buchmueller / Alex Tapper (Imperial)

      • 16:15
        Simulating new physics at the LHC 20m
        Speaker: Peter Richardson
      • 16:35
        How to measure the stop mixing angle at the LHC? 15m
        Speaker: Krzysztof Rolbiecki
      • 16:50
        CP violation in the MSSM at the LHC 15m
        Speaker: Jamie Tattersall
    • 17:05 18:00
      SUSY Higgs

      Organized by Georg Weiglein (IPPP) and Gavin Davies / Jonathan Hays / David Colling (Imperial)

      • 17:05
        D0 SUSY Higgs 15m
        Speaker: Jon Hays
      • 17:20
        CMS SUSY Higgs 15m
        Speaker: Alexandre Nikitenko
      • 17:35
        SUSY Higgs @ IPPP 15m
        Speaker: Georg Weiglein
      • 17:50
        Final SUSY Higgs discussion 10m
        Speaker: All
    • 19:00 21:00
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