DMUK Meeting

PH8 (IPPP, Durham University)


IPPP, Durham University

Physics Department Durham University DH1 3LE Durham
David G. Cerdeño (IPPP, Durham University), Chamkaur Ghag (UCL), Christopher McCabe (King's College London)

This is a 1-day meeting for the UK's Dark Matter community to meet up, present research, and discuss the latest progress in the field.

The meeting will take place at the IPPP, Durham University.

DMUK Meeting
  • Alexander Murphy
  • Alice Baxter
  • Andrew Cheek
  • Andy Buckley
  • Anthony Ezeribe
  • Athoy Nilima
  • Benjamin Farmer
  • Chamkaur Ghag
  • Christopher McCabe
  • Darren Price
  • David G. Cerdeño
  • Edward Daw
  • Edward Hardy
  • Elizabeth Leason
  • Emma Meehan
  • Fionagh Thomson
  • Hans Kraus
  • Ian Bailey
  • Ibles Olcina
  • Joey Reiness
  • Justin Read
  • Luca Di Luzio
  • Malcolm Fairbairn
  • Nassim Bozorgnia
  • Neil Spooner
  • Nicolas Angelides
  • Omar Jahangir
  • Paul Frampton
  • Paul Scovell
  • Pawel Majewski
  • Tomas Alquezar
  • Umit Utku
  • XinRan Liu
    • Session: Astrophysics and Cosmology
      Convener: David G. Cerdeño (IPPP, Durham University)
      • 1
        Speaker: David G. Cerdeño (IPPP, Durham University)
      • 2
        Testing cold dark matter
        Speaker: Carlos Frenk (ICC, Durham University)
      • 3
        Evidence for dark matter heating in dwarf galaxies
        Speaker: Justin Read (University of Surrey)
      • 4
        Probing the particle nature of dark matter with stellar streams
        Speaker: Nassim Bozorgnia (IPPP, Durham University)
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffee and DM Day Discussion
    • Session: Underground physics
      Convener: Jim Dobson (University College London)
      • 5
        The Boulby Underground Laboratory
        Speaker: Paul Scovell (Boulby Underground Laboratory)
      • 6
        Review of direct detection
        Speaker: Pawel Majewski (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
      • 7
        Dark matter searches at the LHC
        Speaker: Darren Price (University of Manchester)
    • 12:30 PM
    • Session: Pen and paper physics
      Convener: Christopher McCabe (University of Amsterdam)
    • 3:00 PM
    • Session: Status updates
      Convener: Nassim Bozorgnia (IPPP, Durham University)
      • 11
        Update on CYGNUS
        Speaker: Neil Spooner (University of Sheffield)
      • 12
        The status of the LZ experiment
        Speaker: Alex Murphy (University of Edinburgh)
      • 13
        Challenges to parameter reconstruction in direct detection
        Speaker: Andrew Cheek (Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology)
    • Session: Open Discussion
      Convener: Chamkaur Ghag (UCL)