N³LO kick-off workstop / thinkstart

OC218 (IPPP)



Yannick Ulrich (University of Durham)
Recent progress at NNLO suggests that a fully differential N³LO calculation of γ*→ll should be possible. IPPP will host a three-day in-person kick-off workstop to try and organise the different contributions. We will cover
  • VVV: the three-loop heavy-quark / heavy-lepton form factor (massification, exact, semi-numerical, etc.)
  • RVV: adapting γ*→qqg, new calculations, mass dependence
  • RRV: automation, numerical stability
  • assembly & dirty tricks: Monte Carlo, massification, jettification, NTS stabilisation etc.
  • open discussion

Each area will be given half a day, starting with an open 1h seminar followed by a lengthy discussion.

Just like previous workstops, we try to gather a small number of theorists who actively work on this topic to make very concrete progress. It should not just be about giving talks, but to actually learn from each other and put together the jigsaw pieces.

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  • Adrian Signer
  • Carlo M. Carloni Calame
  • Daniel Reichelt
  • Fabian Lange
  • Fulvio Piccinini
  • Jonas Lindert
  • Jonathan Ronca
  • Kay Schoenwald
  • Marco Rocco
  • Matteo Fael
  • Natalie Schär
  • Ryan Moodie
  • Sebastian Jaskiewicz
  • Stephen Jones
  • Tim Engel
  • Yannick Ulrich