The Final HiggsTools Meeting

OC218 (IPPP)



Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics Department of Physics University of Durham Science Laboratories South Rd DURHAM DH1 3LE UNITED KINGDOM

The HiggsTools Final Meeting will be held in Durham, at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology. As this is the closure meeting for this network, there will be talks from each working group presenting the research achieved by the network. The proceedings will be published as a volume in Acta Physica Polonica. There will also be meetings of the Supervisory, Training and Research Boards.

Alongside the ESRs presenting their own work, one of the leaders of each WG will give an overview of what the WG has achieved.

Accommodation for the participants will be provided at Collingwood College. The accommodation fee of 400GBP will cover all meals and accommodation in the college. The Conference Dinner will be held in Durham Castle.

The conference fee is 200GBP and will cover the costs of the proceedings and associated partners.

  • Agnieszka Ilnicka
  • Brian Le
  • Davide Melini
  • Davide Napoletano
  • Eric Laenen
  • frank krauss
  • Gavin Davies
  • Giampiero Passarino
  • Giulia Gonella
  • Gudrun Heinrich
  • Hjalte Axel Frellesvig
  • Jochum van der Bij
  • Joosep Pata
  • Juan Cruz-Martinez
  • Markus Schumacher
  • Massimiliano Grazzini
  • Matias Rodriguez-Vazquez
  • Michael Spannowsky
  • Michele Boggia
  • Nigel Glover
  • Raquel Gomez-Ambrosio
  • Roberto Pittau
  • Stephen Jones
  • Théo Megy
  • Tim Wolf
  • Yacine Haddad
  • Zahari Dimitrov Kassabov Zaharieva
  • zbigniew Was