10ᵗʰ Anniversary Special Edition

Centre for Particle Theory, Durham

Centre for Particle Theory, Durham

IPPP & Dept. Mathematical Sciences Durham University South Road Durham DH1 3LE
Andres Olivares del Campo (IPPP, Durham University) , Andrew Cheek (Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology) , James Whitehead (IPPP, Durham) , Matheus Hostert (Durham University)

Welcome to YTF 10!

YTF exists to bring together postgraduate students working in theoretical physics and encourage them to present their work to a sympathetic audience.  We hope to foster development of early-career researchers and encourage collaboration between students at different universities.

YTF 10 will be held at Durham University between the 10th and 12th of January, 2018.  It is being organised to be seamlessly compatible with YETI, which will be held at Durham earlier in the same week.  We encourage you to come to both!

Topics expected to be discussed include:

  • Amplitudes
  • Beyond-Standard-Model physics
  • Cosmology
  • Dark Matter
  • Flavour physics
  • Gravity
  • Holography
  • Neutrinos
  • QCD
  • Solitons
  • Standard Model phenomenology
  • String phenomenology
  • String theory
  • SUSY
  • and much more!

Registration is now open!  You'll need to log in using your IPPP Indico account – if you don't have one, you'll need to create one and wait for it to be approved.  We'll do this as quickly as possible, and you'll then be able to register.  This will make it easier for you to upload the abstracts.  Registration is open until the 15th of December.

Abstract submission is open until the 15th of December.  We'll release a detailed schedule shortly after registration closes.

For more information, visit our website – and if you tweet, follow us at @Durham_YTF to keep up-to-date with the latest from the team.  If you have any questions, do get in touch at DurhamYTF@gmail.com and someone from the YTF 10 team will get back to you.

  • Aaron O'Neill
  • Alan Price
  • Alan Reynolds
  • Alastair Wickens
  • Alex Jenkins
  • Alexander Mitchell-Lister
  • Alexander Titterton
  • Amy Lloyd-Stubbs
  • Andreas Pithis
  • Andres Olivares del Campo
  • Andrew Cheek
  • Arianna Renzini
  • Baptiste Ravina
  • Benjamin Percival
  • Bogdan Ganchev
  • Boschi Tommaso
  • Christos Vlahos
  • Daniel Hatton
  • Daniel Locke
  • David Rodriguez
  • Dries Seynaeve
  • Dumitru Dan Smaranda
  • Duncan Walker
  • Elliott Reid
  • Euan McLean
  • Finn Kieran
  • Francesco Buciuni
  • Giuseppe De Laurentis
  • Henry Day-Hall
  • Hynek Paul
  • Jack Holguin
  • Jack Richings
  • Jack Setford
  • James Black
  • James Cook
  • James Edholm
  • James Richings
  • James Whitehead
  • Jamie Rogers
  • Jesse Liu
  • Jiajia Qin
  • Joey Reiness
  • Jonathan Cullen
  • Joseph Bullock
  • Joseph Farrow
  • Josu C. Aurrekoetxea
  • Juan Cruz-Martinez
  • Kareem Farrag Farrag
  • Kevin Kwok
  • Lasse Carsten Schmieding
  • Leonora Donaldson Wood
  • Luigi Marchese
  • Maciej Matuszewski
  • maria laura piscopo
  • Marian Heil
  • Marius Höfer
  • Martin Daniel
  • Matheus Hostert
  • Matthew De Angelis
  • Matthew Kirk
  • Matthew Lim
  • Matthew Mostert
  • Matthew Russell
  • Maybee Ben
  • Nicola Rendell
  • Olivier Lennon
  • Patrick Bolton
  • Patrick Tunney
  • Ronald Rodgers
  • Sam Rowley
  • Sandra Kvedaraite
  • Simon King
  • Sonali Mohapatra
  • Stav Zalel
  • Stephanie Baines
  • Stephen Brown
  • Stephen Webster
  • Tarso Franarin
  • Tega Edo
  • Thomas Helfer
  • Tom Steudtner
  • Ulserik Moldanazarova
  • Vaios Ziogas
  • Wei Liu
  • Wendy Gray
  • Ying-Rui Hou